From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

August 29, 2014

Dear Parents:

What a great first week we have enjoyed at Nazareth School!

Last night our teachers were able to share with you their plans for a school year that will provide your children with a successful and enjoyable learning experience. If you were unable to attend the program last night, be sure to take time to meet with your child’s teacher(s) and see their classrooms.

Your contribution through positive participation in our school activities always makes a difference during the school year. With their table displays on the Courtyard, the PTG leadership shared a variety of ways that you can make a difference in our community. Whether it’s selling scrip, participating in the Golf Tournament, getting ready for one of the school fundraisers or by supporting a class fundraising endeavor, every effort can help to make the school stronger for our children.

Our new Science Classroom and Lab is not totally in tip-top shape, but we are close; and it was a delight to open its doors last night! In the coming weeks, Mrs. Reed and her students will be making the room their own. Many thanks to the people who provided the guidance and the work that made our new Science Classroom and Lab a reality: Sr. Marie and Sr. Margaret of the Sisters of Nazareth, John Williams, CEO of Nazareth Ministries, Neal Hennis of Casa Linda Construction and our facility coordinator, David Pfeifer of domusstudio architecture and alumni parent, Mrs. Reed, Ms. V., Mr. Mendez and Mr. Terry Schmerbauch. The science program at Nazareth School has consistently been an excellent one; I think that we all are waiting with wonderful anticipation to see the achievements of our students in this new academic environment. We will be having a Blessing Ceremony on Friday, Oct. 1st.

When I wrote my summer letter, Mr. Patrick Browder had not yet joined our Nazareth Staff. We welcome him as our new school librarian. Mr. Browder will be working with students in both the “Big School” library and the St. Joseph Library for the Kinders and Buzzy Bees; he will also supervise after school Study Hall. Mr. Browder earned a master’s degree in Educational Technology and brings many different experiences to our Nazareth Community. Please stop by the library and meet him.

Our first day of school was particularly festive because of the presence of our Family Peace Flags. Thanks to the Burton Family for storing them this summer and making sure that they were here to greet us last Tuesday! As the week started with celebrating peace, our 1st school liturgy of the year this morning echoed that sentiment as we gathered singing, All Are Welcome. What a beautiful theme to begin our academic year!

On behalf of all of our staff, I wish you and your children a wonderful year!

God’s blessings on you and your families during this year and always!

Dr. Colleen Mauricio