From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

October 2, 2015

Dear Parents:

October has begun with a lot of Nazareth activity! Inside and outside of the classrooms, our students’ energy helps us to celebrate our wonderful community.

Our Core Value of October is Hospitality. I think that our new families would agree that their children have been welcomed to the Nazareth Community with joy and enthusiasm by their classmates. But the Core Value of Hospitality extends beyond the welcome. Theologian Henri Nouwen in his book, Reaching Out, states that historically hospitality is a virtue with deep Biblical roots. In a school setting, these roots secure an environment in which individuals can freely and safely develop their skills and talents and learn to share them with others. As Christians, we are called to share our own talents and affirm those of others. In your family discussions this month, you may want to foster conversations where your children can identify how they are developing and sharing their talents in their classrooms and in their personal lives.

Congratulations to Catie Farrell, 5th grade, for her Turkey Trot T-Shirt design! The selection committees had many wonderful designs from which to choose. Thank you to all our spirited Nazareth students who shared their talents and participated in the contest; they will be receiving extra recess as a special token of gratitude!

Our Nazareth athletes are hard at work honing their skills and competitive spirit. As our fall sports season gets underway, I would like to thank and welcome Coach Jim Lance, varsity football, and Coach Leah Sewitch, varsity and jv cheerleaders, for their efforts in guiding our students as they develop their skills. Since we were unable to field a softball team this year, Ms. Myke is providing a volleyball clinic for girls in grades 5 – 8. Go Eagles!

At the request of our Student Council, and some parents, we are integrating some spirit-filled days into the school calendar rather than packing them into one overwhelming week during Catholic Schools Week. Thus, on Tuesday of this coming week, we will be celebrating National Mad Hatter Day! Our hope is that we can really enjoy our creativity throughout the year, and during Catholic Schools Week our celebration is a focus of who were are as a local community and as a member of a larger community called Catholic Schools. In the meantime, what type of crazy, fun-filled hat will you and your children find for next Tuesday?

Thank you to Mr. Matt Allison and the PTG team who hosted and cooked for today’s Family Picnic. This is always a fun celebration of our individual families, and of our Nazareth Family!

Blessings to you and your families,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio