From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

April 24, 2015

Dear Parents:

Celebrations of our community seem to fill so many of our days during this time of year, and we have much to celebrate!

Among our celebrations this week was our recognition of Earth Day. We began the week with a pledge to nurture our planet. This was part of our morning assembly and prayer. Earth-focused activities were found throughout the curriculum. Students held prayer services in their classrooms; they took their lessons outside in order to appreciate the beautiful natural environment of our campus; they picked up trash and they discussed ways to “Think Green!” and act upon those thoughts. Many students shared with me that they enjoyed Earth games and activities in their homes this week as well. While discussing the beauty of our campus in several classes, we appreciated our good fortune, courtesy of the Sisters’ careful stewardship, that two wells on our campus allow us to nurture our landscaping even in these times of drought! In 1st Grade, their Scholastic News magazine focused on the poem, “Speak for the Earth.” It says, “Speak for the air, where birds glide in the sun. / Speak for the land, where you play and run. / Speak for the water, splashing or still. / Speak for the Earth. If you won’t who will?” If you have not done so already, in your family discussions consider ways that you can “speak for the Earth.”

Books about our nature, our world and our many interests flew off the book shelves during our Scholastic Book Fair this week! It seems that many people were getting a head start on their summer reading! Thank you to Mr. Browder for organizing the Fair and to Mrs. Walrath for setting up our Used Books sale. Many volunteers helped to make these events a great success – wonderful support for reading and our library!

Our Art Show Wednesday evening was a wonderful celebration of our children’s talent and their vision of their world and learning. Individual expression through the visual arts, as presented by our students, provides us with insight into their understanding of the artists who produced great works and the historical eras that shaped their efforts; their artistic expression also invites us to share their interpretation of the present. While the student work exhibited in the Art Show is primarily from their art classes, some displays came from their home room classes, the preschool and cross curricular projects. Congratulations to the students, Ms. Tamkin and all of the teachers!

Next Friday, we will celebrate a special Nazareth tradition, the May Crowning. Congratulations to Olivia Tubao and Michael Cross who were voted by their 8th grade classmates to be the May Crowning Queen and Escort. Congratulations as well to the students who will be members of the May Crowning Court. During May, we will be reciting a decade of the Rosary at morning assembly. In your homes, you may want to continue that tradition during the month.

Lastly, the excitement for Nazareth Night is building. What a fun celebration of our community this will be! It was a delight to see some of the auction items on display Wednesday evening; I’m sure that many people are already planning their bids. There are still opportunities for you to volunteer to support the success of this event. Please see the flyer in this week’s envelope. Many thanks to Mrs. Stephanie Hollister and her Auction Committee Members for all of their time and energy on behalf of this school celebration!

Blessings to you and your families,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio