From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

March 24, 2017
Dear Parents:

Next Friday, our students will celebrate their many gifts at our Talent Show. This is always a special evening for our students and our families. Our students’ talents and creativity are truly special! To ensure that the evening is enjoyable for everyone, please supervise your children before, during and after the event. We want to be respectful of our talented performers and we want to make sure that everyone is safe. The teachers and staff are present to support our students and the school. The children, however, really look to you and depend on you for guidance in terms of appropriate etiquette and safety. Children should not be getting up and leaving the auditorium during performances nor should they be running and playing on the Courtyard, especially after dark and when there is traffic to and from the Mission. Working together as a community, we can ensure a safe and wonderful celebration of our Nazareth students. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Our athletes are transitioning to new competitions. Good luck to our Track Team – they will be competing tomorrow at Mater Dei Catholic High School. Our Soccer Team will start its season of competitions next week as will our Girls Basketball Team. Thank you to our coaches, and all of us wish the students a great season! Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Basketball Team who placed third in the Mater Dei Catholic High School tournament last weekend!

As we reach the mid-point of our Lent, it is important to assess how we are embracing this special season. During Lent we have the opportunity to serve others, body and soul, and in the process nurture our own relationship with God, the Church and members of the many communities to which we belong. Acts of service and mercy may require sacrifice, but they also provide opportunities for joyful growth. In their classes, students are making both private and public Lenten promises and commitments. Seven ways to make Lent a joyful experience are noted below. In your family discussions, please share these thoughts with your children and, perhaps, build on the suggestions provided to make the Lenten experience one that is personal to you and your family.

7 Ways to Make Lent Joyful:

* Start all prayers with praise
* Take time with God in a beautiful place
* Don't carry the world's pain on your own back
* Fast for the sake of richer food - the daily Eucharist
* Take flowers and a smile to a sick person
* Reconcile with an estranged friend
* Compliment someone for making the world better

From Catholic Update, 2/95 St. Anthony Messenger. Quoted by

Blessings to you and your families,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio