From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

September 12, 2014

Dear Parents:

As our school year gets started, we are re-establishing our relationships with the community. Initiating this year’s Intergenerational Service program, our Sunflowers and 8th graders made their first visits to Nazareth House. This program allows our students to experience learning in a different “classroom,” the environment of the Residents of Nazareth House, San Diego. The gifts of time, energy and talent that our children bring to the Residents are well reciprocated in the love and support that they receive from the Residents. Please check the calendar to see when your child will be visiting Nazareth House.

It’s not too late to become involved in the Nazareth Cup Tournament. This is Nazareth School’s fourth year of the tournament, but it is an event with a long history with the Mission San Diego de Alcala Parish. The proceeds from this fundraiser support our students in many ways. Please contact Chris and Jeni Bartel if you can participate in this fun day that raises money for school projects, such as computers in the classroom, and builds relationships between the school and community organizations. Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Bartel and their committee for their work on behalf of the school!

Last week, we participated in Food Drive Friday. On first Fridays, canned food is collected by the Social Action Committee of the Mission parish. All of the food is distributed locally. This service to the community allows our students to contribute to others and to learn a little more about the needs of people in our local communities. Please mark your calendars; our next Food Drive Friday is October 3.

Looking ahead, there are other activities that will be engaging our Nazareth Community:
• Our 1st PTG General Meeting of the year will be Wednesday, September 17th
• This year’s Family Picnic food orders will be going home next week. The family picnic will be Oct. 3
• Our football teams and cheerleaders are getting ready for terrific seasons. Watch the calendar for the schedule of games. Thank you to our coaches for sharing their time and energy with the students.

On another note, the safety and well-being of our children are consistently in the minds of our faculty and staff. In today’s Family Envelope, you will receive information from the Diocese of San Diego that provides suggestions and resources that may help you talk with your children about their personal safety. The Safe Environment Program has been developed by teachers, administrators and clergy throughout our diocese. In the classrooms on Monday, all members of the staff will participate in the program by discussing with the children the “NO-GO-TELL” Rule. Please be sure to discuss this with your child(ren).

Lastly, I am sure that all of us as a Catholic community join in prayer for Bishop Flores, his family and the leadership of the Diocese of San Diego. Our community was blessed to have Bishop Flores celebrate Mass with us twice. He was a very strong proponent of Catholic education and we are blessed to have his experienced his leadership.

Blessings to you and your families,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio