From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

February 27, 2015

Dear Parents:

Please remember in your thoughts and prayers our Second Grade students as they experience the formal events of the faith journey they are traveling this year. Tomorrow, in preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, the students and their families will celebrate each child’s special relationship with God and his/her family during the “You Are Precious in My Eyes” ceremony. The allusion to the Book of Isaiah reminds us all of God’s promise to redeem us and guide us in our life journeys. The ceremony also allows families to renew their commitment to support each child. If your child/ren have already received these sacraments and participated in the “You Are Precious in My Eyes” ceremony, this weekend may provide a special opportunity to renew that commitment. On the following Saturday, March 7th, the Second Graders will participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. Congratulations to the Second Graders and their families! Please know that all of us support you in prayer.

The experiences of the Second Graders provide an example to all of us as we journey through the season of Lent. While we often concentrate on what we are giving up for Lent, it is also important to focus on what we can do to live more fully the Gospel message. During Lent we have the opportunity to serve others, body and soul, and in the process nurture our own relationship with God, the Church and members of the many communities to which we belong. Acts of service and mercy may require sacrifice, but they also provide opportunities for joyful growth. In their classes, students are making both private and public Lenten promises and commitments. Seven ways to make Lent a joyful experience are noted below. In your family discussions, please share these thoughts with your children and, perhaps, build on the suggestions provided to make the Lenten experience one that is personal to you and your family.

7 Ways to Make Lent Joyful:

* Start all prayers with praise

* Take time with God in a beautiful place

* Don't carry the world's pain on your own back

* Fast for the sake of richer food - the daily Eucharist

* Take flowers and a smile to a sick person

* Reconcile with an estranged friend

* Compliment someone for making the world better

From Catholic Update, 2/95 St. Anthony Messenger. Quoted by

Finally, I would like to remind you that next week begins our registration process for the 2015-16 school year. Please be sure that you re-register your children next week. A late registration fee will be charged after March 9th. If there is a concern that affects your ability to re-register, please make an appointment to see me. In the past few months, we have had many people visit our campus and express interest in enrolling their children. We will begin enrolling new families during the week of March 10th. Thank you for your support of our school and sharing the wonderful things that are happening here with your friends. We are already looking forward to a great 2015-16 school year!

Blessings to you and your family,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio