From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

September 23, 2016

Dear Parents:

Our PTG meeting Wednesday evening provided energy and creative ideas to our preparations of the accreditation self-study, and more importantly, to the growth of our school and the programs that we offer. Thank you to the parents who attended and participated in the lively brainstorming sessions that focused on technology, music, student support and Christian service. In the coming weeks, the staff will be reviewing the suggestions. These ideas will be incorporated into our WCEA/WASC Self-Study. They will also be shared with the Congregational leadership and integrated into the school’s long range strategies for growth.

As we conclude our fourth week of school, we are developing our school routines and integrating our expectations into the daily school experience. Please support your children’s teachers in this process by making sure that your children’s attendance at school is consistent. Vacations and school-day off-site celebrations place a burden on your child as he/she attempts to make up classwork or tests. Without the benefit of the class discussions and the instructional interactions, it is more difficult for the child to participate in the learning experiences. This includes attendance on minimum days; our teachers value the time they have with the children and these days are fully packed with instruction and assessment. Please understand that teachers should not be expected to prepare early lessons and activities to accommodate family vacations. Lastly, please note that we also understand that when a child is sick, he/she should stay home, rest and be allowed time to regain his/her health. We have already had several “bugs” circulate through the school, and while we encourage the sharing of gifts, that is a gift that is better kept at home!

Preparation for our fall activities are underway! Good luck to our football teams and thank you to our cheerleaders for their enthusiastic support of the games. Volleyball players are honing their skills through the volleyball clinic being held this week. If you are interested in helping with the Fall Family Picnic or the Halloween Carnival, please see further information in the Nazareth News.

Happy 1st (full) day of Fall! May this season of gathering and harvest enrich your lives with many wonderful experiences and opportunities to grow closer to our faith and our children.

Blessings to you and your families,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio