From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

February 5, 2016

Dear Parents:

Our Catholic Schools Week festivities closed today with our wonderful Grandparents and Special Friends visiting our school and joining us in prayer and a celebration of classroom activities and song. All of us are very appreciative of the support the Grandparents provide Nazareth School. Many thanks to Mrs. Lisa Manriquez, Mrs. Angelica Davis and the parent volunteers who organized this event that allowed our community to affirm the special presence Grandparents and Special Friends have in our lives.

As we bring Catholic Schools Week 2016 to a close, it has been a week of gratitude and service. We all had the opportunity to appreciate how special it is to be a part of a Catholic School community. At Nazareth School, we are truly blessed to be able to share with one another as a “Community of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”

Children’s Prayer for Grandparents

Dear God, please bless our grandparents.

Thank you for the life they gave our parents

And for the life they give to us.

For the ways they helped us and made us strong, we give thanks.

For the ways they love us no matter what, we rejoice.

For the ways they have paved the road

that leads us here, we are grateful.

Let them grow in wisdom and joy in life.

Let them find peace and rest from their work.

Let them be healed of every sickness and pain.

And let them see with their own eyes the glory of your Son, Jesus,

in the love of their children and grandchildren.

Bless them always until they come to rest in you.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

God’s blessings on you and all of the members of your family,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio