From the Principal

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA


August 4, 2014

Dear Parents:

Our summer is passing quickly and it won’t be long before we are embracing the beginning of a new school year. I hope this letter finds you and your families enjoying a relaxing summer filled with many special activities and family memories.

Summer renovations are promising to bring many new opportunities to our students and our community this year. The renovated Science Room and Lab will enhance our already strong and well-recognized Middle School Science program. Younger students will also be able to visit the Lab for special projects as they build their skills and interest in scientific inquiry. The Science Room will include upgraded microscopes and other equipment, and a technology center that will be available for student use. Computers in the classrooms are being upgraded as well. As was announced before school dismissed for the summer, our teachers will be using a new mathematics textbook series. The Progress in Mathematics program will address skills of the Common Core and it has an on-line resource program for families to use at home. The teachers will continue their discussions with a national consultant employed by the publisher in an in-service August 22nd; the consultant will assist us throughout the year to assure a smooth transition in the use of the new textbooks. Nazareth School did not receive the Chargers Champion Grant for which we had applied. A donor recognizing the importance of our physical education and wellness programs, however, stepped forward to pay for the renovations of our fields. The irrigation systems for both fields have been repaired. The track for Upper Field has been resurfaced and both fields have been reseeded. The landscapers assure us that the fields will be beautiful and student-ready when school opens on August 26th!

Our first weeks of school will be busy ones. The Preschool Teachers are planning an orientation for parents that will take place Wednesday, August 20th at 6:30. Kindergarten families will get an early start on the year with a Meet-and-Greet orientation on Saturday, August 23th from 10:00 to 11:00. Our first day of school will be Tuesday, August 26th; Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27th will be minimum days. Please plan to stop by the Lower Field lunch tables on Tuesday morning for a Meet-and-Greet gathering hosted by the PTG. Coffee and goodies will be provided. Back-to-School Night will be held Thursday, August 28th. We are still reviewing the format in order to meet the needs of parents of large families and middle school parents. This is an important opportunity for you to learn about the expectations and opportunities for your child(ren) this year and to check out our beautiful new Science Lab. On Friday, August 29th, we will celebrate our first school liturgy. If your schedule allows, please join our community celebration of the Eucharist.

The PTG Board has already planned its first meeting of the year. The Board continues to prepare activities that will support the academic, social and physical environment of our school. A calendar of planned General Meetings and Special Events will be distributed early in the year. Please note that your attendance at PTG meetings is part of your registration agreement. These meetings and the PTG special activities are an integral aspect of our efforts to build a sense of community among all of us.

This year we are welcoming several new people to our school and preschool staffs. We welcome two new teachers to our Middle School Team: Mr. John Amann and Mrs. Laura Kinkead. Both Mr. Amann and Mrs. Kinkead bring Catholic school teaching experience to Nazareth. In addition to their teaching credentials, Mr. Amann and Mrs. Kinkead have earned master’s degrees in education. Mrs. Kathy Valenti will be moving to 8th grade and will be the team coordinator and leader. Eighth grade students will have Mrs. Valenti for religion, language arts, literature and homeroom; Mrs. Kinkead will teach 8th grade math and Mr. Amann will teach 8th grade social studies. Seventh grade students will have Mrs. Kinkead for religion, math, literature and homeroom; Mrs. Valenti will teach 7th grade language arts and Mr. Amann will teach 7th grade social studies. Sixth grade students will have Mr. Amann for religion, social studies, language arts and homeroom; Mrs. Valenti will teach 6th grade literature and Mrs. Kinkead will teach 6th grade math. The entire team, including Mrs. Reed, Ms. Myke, Coach Tehan and Ms. Tamkin are looking forward to providing the students with an integrated approach to their studies. Mrs. Meghan Paquette will be teaching 4th grade during the 1st Quarter of the year. Mrs. Paquette is also an experienced Catholic school teacher who possesses a master’s degree and a California credential. Nazareth Preschool will be welcoming back a familiar face -- Mrs. Diana Senter will be returning to Nazareth School this year. Mrs. Senter and Mrs. Michel will be teaching the Buzzy Bees and Ms. Lopez and Mrs. Sebring will be teaching the Sunflowers.

In preparation for our school year, please make sure that your children have completed their summer reading activities, and that their uniforms, grooming and supplies are in order. Regarding supplies, it is not necessary to buy all new supplies if your child has unused materials from last year. If you have questions about school preparation, please contact the school office.

As we prepare for a new year, and all of the opportunities it will bring, know that all of us at Nazareth School have made a heartfelt commitment to provide the best experiences possible for all of our students and their families. The teachers, staff members and I look forward to working in partnership with you to celebrate the gifts of Nazareth School and all of the members of its community.

Enjoy these last days of summer! Tuesday, August 26th and a new school year will soon be here; I look forward to seeing you then!

God bless each of you and your families,

Dr. Colleen Mauricio