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Nazareth House Skills and Development Centre


Education remains a basic right and requirement for everyone in South Africa. This is reiterated by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) in the country and therefore training and education is made more accessible to candidates. The Skills Development Act acts as a reminder to employers of the importance of training and education.

 As a non-profit organization we are constantly looking at sustainability programs allowing us to create a sustainable future to continue providing services to those in need but also to equip those in need with the relevant skills to sustain themselves in future allowing them to contribute positively to society. As a result we have partnered with an accredited training provider in order to present a full qualification for Care Workers in order to alleviate poverty and create job opportunities through education. When considering the impact of the Skills Development Act as well as the Employment Equity Act employers will find it beneficial to consider sponsoring the training of a student/students from both a compliance and taxation point of view.

Contact information

Felicity Rhode
1 Derry Street
Cape Town
South Africa
(021) 461 1635