Photo of Clara Luis

We were deeply saddened by the sudden passing away of Clara Louis on August 2, 2019.  Clara was a valued employee of Nazareth House Los Angeles.

Clara’s life had an impact on the residents of Nazareth House in her area of service.  When learning about her untimely death, many of the residents were saddened. Staff members who worked alongside Clara or knew her for many years were also deeply saddened by Clara’s sudden death.

On August 9, an evening vigil was held for Clara at home, where family, friends, neighbors, and work colleagues gathered to pay their respects to Clara and her family.  Those who gathered brought an abundance of flowers, wreaths, and food to honor and celebrate Clara’s life.

The Mass of Resurrection was held Holy Cross Cemetery Chapel on August 10.  The Chapel was overflowing with individuals who came to pray with Clara’s family. Beautiful Mariachi music accompanied the Mass.

On September 6, 2019 The Mass of Resurrection was celebrated in English and Spanish at Nazareth House.  The family, residents, and staff gathered to pray for Clara; Mariachi musicians sang the various Mass parts and selected hymns.  Two employees of Nazareth House spoke on behalf of the residents and staff; others spoke on behalf of the Sisters and friends.

After the Mass, a tree was planted in Nazareth House garden in memory of Clara. Clara’s sons and daughters helped plant the tree.

Clara was a valued mother, friend, and employee. Her active presence among us will be deeply missed.

May Clara Rest in Peace.
. . . Y el Senor me recibió en sus brazos, me consoló
 ye me condujo a su casa.
Photos of Clara Luis