Skeleton sitting in a chair surround by old fashioned chemical compounds

Sure, the City and surrounding areas were chock-a-block with so many Halloween attractions and family-friendly festivities that it would take an hour of fast reading to go through the entire list of events.

Nazareth House LA was JAM-PACKED with Halloween theme offerings leading up to the end of the month.  Our residents with their families were certainly not going to take a back seat when it came to participating in the City’s great Halloween-ish events.

Nazareth House did not host Haunted Hayrides around the premises.  We left that to the Griffen Park goers!  We did however, have a door decorating event.  That is correct, a door decorating event!  This is LA, and who does not like to decorate!

Resident & Staff Halloween Party

The residents and their families were invited to decorate the doors leading into their rooms and apartments.  And decorate they did — with amazing results.   Sons and daughters with their moms or dads or both came up with some fantastic door decorations.    Our residents and their families are absolutely steeped in talent and that talent was displayed on many of the doors in throughout the home.

When Halloween Day finally arrived, the resident enjoyed a huge afternoon Halloween Party with a disc jockey, costumes, food, and spirits.  Latter that night, some residents hosted children coming to the home for Trick-or-Treat, while other were glued to their TV sets watching the LA Dodgers baseball team play in the World Series.

All-in-all, Nazareth House Halloween may not be as scary or as ghoulish as some of the LA City events; but that does not mean that our residents did not enjoy an amazing LA Halloween — Nazareth House Style!