Sisters of Nazareth

Life Enrichment

Being engaged and active is an important part of daily life for our residents at Nazareth House Fresno.

Living Spaces

This is a great place to call home! Nazareth House Fresno is reminiscent of a seven-acre Tuscan Village with an array of soft colors, courtyards, fountains, citrus groves, eucalyptus trees, and lush landscaping.

We Care

At Nazareth House Fresno, the Sisters and staff are dedicated to providing a safe and loving atmosphere where seniors are encouraged to maintain their independence...

Dining Experience

The menus at Nazareth House Fresno are as varied as they are delicious under the watchful eye of Anilene Clarin, Dining Supervisor and a dietitian supervisor for nearly two decades!

Our Team

The Sisters and staff at Nazareth House Fresno welcome residents with a promise to care for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, a promise no one takes for granted.

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Our Team

The Team at Camberwell is led by experienced and dedicated aged care professionals who reflect the mission and values of the Sisters of Nazareth to provide a safe, engaging and caring environment for all.

Our Services

Nazareth Care makes a commitment to provide holistic care and quality services to all residents. Our core values of love, compassion, patience, justice, respect and hospitality are values shared by all who work in our Nazareth Houses, making them places of peace. Whatever your faith, gender or background, you will find a warm welcome in a Nazareth House. “Everything we do comes from the heart of who we are” Nazareth Care aims to make ageing a positive experience by supporting you to live as independently and as well as possible. Each and every person is treated with respect and dignity, your background and beliefs are respected. Our services and supports, from pastoral care to dining are designed to cater for diverse cultural, spiritual, and individual needs.

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All our Nazareth Houses strive to live the core values of the Sisters of Nazareth: love, compassion, patience, respect, justice and hospitality.

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All of our Nazareth Houses strive to live the Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth: love, compassion, patience, respect, justice and hospitality.