Residential aged care services must be accredited by the independent Australian Aged Care Quality Agency to receive Government funding. Accreditation is granted to residential aged care homes that comply with legislated Accreditation Standards. They are required to meet all standards and outcomes for quality of care and quality of life in their provision of residential care.

The main elements of the accreditation process are:

  • self-assessment by the home against the Accreditation Standards
  • submission of an application for re-accreditation (with or without the self-assessment)
  • assessment by a team of registered aged care quality assessors at a site audit
  • a decision about the home’s accreditation by a decision-maker (not part of the assessment team)
  • issue of an accreditation certificate
  • publication of the decision on this website
  • unannounced visits to monitor homes’ on-going performance.

Geraldton House achieved accreditation in July 2017

Christchurch House achieved accreditation in August 2017


Camberwell House achieved accreditation in October 2017

Wynnum House achieved accreditation in October 2017

Tamworth House achieved accreditation in May 2018

Ballarat House achieved accreditation in August 2018