At Nazareth Care, we are proud of the delicious, healthy meals we prepare for residents and their guests. Cooks work closely with nutritionists and dieticians to ensure all meals prepared fulfil nutrition requirements. We use fresh produce in all our kitchens and cater to cultural and religious requirements, and aim to please all individual tastes. Nazareth Care holds regular ‘food forums’ for residents and kitchen employees to discuss new ideas for the menus.

We have seen some fantastic meals including the high standard of moulded vitamised meals at the Houses, packaged meals sold in the cafés at Ballarat and Christchurch Houses.

I remember a visit to Ballarat and walking into a dining area where a Wellbeing & Lifestyle employee was making lemon butter with a group of residents who were really enjoying the activity. It was very inspiring.

The menus are rotated daily to ensure a great variety of meals and residents are encouraged to offer a favourite family recipe for review by the kitchen employees.

The aroma of the food in the dining areas is very inviting as residents enter at meal times.

The residents gather early to the dining areas for socialising.

Tables are set with china plates, linen table cloths to make every meal an experience. Sisters and employees wander from table to table encouraging reviews and suggestions.

Catering is such an important function to residents lives and any special requests that we do are very much appreciated by residents.

The Care, Catering and Wellbeing & Lifestyle teams work closely creating a wonderful dining experience for our residents.

There are so many wonderful things we do in catering that really improve the daily life of our residents and we encourage our teams to continue improving the food and dining experience.