The Belfast Village is a village setting all under one roof!

  • conservatories,
  • quiet rooms
  • village hall
  • chapel
  • coffee shop
  • library
  • award winning reminiscence room
  • a caring environment
  • experienced and loyal staff with very low staff turnover promotes continuity and provision of high quality holistic care.




Some comments and feedback from members of our community:

“Thank you for caring so well for my Mum over the last few months before she died. “M, December 2019

“I would like to thank the staff and Management of Nazareth House Care Village who cared for him so well, both physically and spiritually.”  CN January 2017

“Nazareth Care Village exhibits the “gold star” standard of care and compassion. I would wish that all care facilities were as good as here. ” R O’C, January 2017

“To the staff of Nazareth Care Village, a huge thank you for your dedication and care” “ Nazareth is a wonderful organisation”  Family of PMC, January 2017

” would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Nazareth House Care Village for their exemplary care which they provided for R and her family. ” DE, January 2017

“We are beyond thrilled that Mum is living at Nazareth. Thanks so much again. ” FD, January 2017

“I feel very lucky to be able to be here since I don’t have any of my family close.” Thank you. JT, January 2017