• Laundry

Laundry services are available on-site for all residents. Nazareth Care ensures laundry services meet health and hygiene standards including equipment and supplies.

Residents clothing is collected, laundered and returned in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Catering

Catering at Nazareth Care is staffed by a fully-qualified team providing varied and seasonal menus.

Each resident is given a choice of meals which are nutritionally balanced in consultation with Dieticians and Nutritionists and are reviewed regularly.

Furthermore, individual dietary needs are assessed and catered for upon request.

Any pre-existing or new allergy a resident may develop to certain food/s is managed appropriately by the Catering Manager and all employees handling food.

  • House Keeping

Nazareth Care has specialised cleaning services incorporating efficient and environmentally-friendly waste management.

Our dedicated team maintain cleaning programs to ensure presentation and hygiene of resident rooms and the wider facility is of a gold standard.

Cleanliness enhances the lives of our residents, the productivity of our workforce and our valued volunteers.