General Manager

Emerson Kupfuwa, who is both a Registered General and a Mental Health Nurse, has been a General Manager at Hammersmith since June 2018. Emerson who has extensive experience of managing and supporting residential, nursing and domiciliary care services within the care home sector at all different levels of management within organisations, has been working in the care home sector since 1991.

At Nazareth House, Hammersmith, Emerson is supported in meeting the needs of the residents by Head of Care, Unit Managers, Catering Manager, Maintenance Manager and House keeper in ensuring the smooth running of the home.

At Hammersmith, our objective is to provide a high quality service based on the Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth which form the basis of our community ethos.

We are currently taking an active role in the Caring for Care Homes’ project where local GPs and specialist trainers are helping to develop staff skills and support staff in their roles within the care home environment. We also facilitate a share and learn event with our colleagues from other care homes and the CCG.