Burst of light in clouds


Jesus promises the “Paraclete” to his disciples. (“Paraclete” literally means “alongside of.”) Its secondary meaning has to do with speaking, exhorting, begging, consoling, encouraging, instructing. In John, the Paraclete witnesses (15:6), teaches (14:26), encourages (16:6), guides (16:13) and proves wrong (16:8-11).

Notice Jesus says, “I will give you another Paraclete.” Jesus is the first one. The Paraclete is the “Spirit of Truth” who will remind the Apostles what Jesus taught, and help them to understand what he taught. In various situations, the Spirit will help Jesus’ disciples in different ways, e.g., if a disciple is in court, the Spirit will act as his inner defense attorney. In dealing with the world, the Spirit will act as his prosecutor.

The Spirit is the very presence of Jesus within us. Jesus has not orphaned us; rather, he is within us in a new way. The Spirit is a new presence of Jesus. The Spirit is our companion playing different roles at different times. For example, when we are sad, he is our comfort; when we are confused, he will guide us. This Spirit cannot be recognized without the eyes of faith or without a heart of love. If we lack these qualities, the presence of the Holy Spirit will remain concealed from us. True knowledge of Jesus is always linked to loving Jesus.