Nazareth House Los Angeles Life Enrichment images

With input from residents, staff has designed programs to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. These requests help create a daily calendar of activities and events.

Recreational activities make a fun game of staying fit. Games of bingo challenge the mind and tickle the spirit; current event discussions keep the mind sharp; a game of Wii bowling gets lots of smiles and laughter.

One of the more popular activities is bus excursions into nearby communities for banking, shopping or just walking. Tomas is the popular bus driver who cheerfully accommodates residents with mobility challenges. The bus is wheelchair accessible for those needing a lift to come aboard.

“Our house is very much a family atmosphere and people come to me with all sorts of new ideas for different activities. Whatever they want, it’s my job to figure out a way to make it happen.” — Christina Cisneros, Life Enrichment Coordinator.

The most popular physical exercise, by far, is walking the sidewalks that circle lush gardens and fountains; then stopping at the Bistro to catch up with friends. Guests often drop by for coffee and chats.

The library is always open and provides a peaceful space to read the morning newspapers.