Nazareth House Sligo is led by Linda Hallett – Director of Nursing, and supported by:

  • Clinical Nurse Manager (Colin Chamberlain – Holy Family Unit and Aisling Rushe – Larmenier Unit)
  • Human Resources Manager (Clodagh Ballantyne)
  • Staff Nurses
  • CarersStaff at Nazareth House Sligo
  • Physiotherapist
  • Activities Co-ordinator
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Finance

You can identify staff by their uniform colour:

 Clinical Nurse Manager Navy Tunic
 Staff Nurses White Tunic
 Carers Lilac Tunic (ladies) and Grey Tunic (men)
 Activities Co-ordinator Red Tunic
 Catering Staff Purple Tunic
 Housekeeping & Laundry Staff Maroon Tunic

Our catering, laundry and household needs are fulfilled by Aramark.