“Our Team of Sisters, employees and volunteers ensure that we consistently deliver high standards of holistic care and support to residents”

Meet the Team

General Manager and Sister Superior Partnership
The General Manager (Tony McPhillips) and Sister Superior (Sister Mary Monaghan) work together to lead and support the Wynnum Team.


Management Team
Our Management Team comprises highly experienced employees who are dedicated and committed to delivering high standards of care to all residents.

Our Team comprises of the following employees:

Christine Martin (Catering Manager)
Pam Fitzgerald (Care Services Manager)
Shelley Archbold (Administration Manager)
Jass Sidhu (Environmental Services Manager)
Josh Ives (Wellbeing & Lifestyle Manager)


Care and Support Services Team
Our Care and Support Services employees and volunteers promote the health and wellbeing of all residents at Nazareth House Wynnum.

Our Team comprises of the following employees:

Elizabeth Longden (ACFI Coordinator)
Gaynor Brehaut (Quality Coordinator)
Nicole Vettise (Clinical Care Coordinator)


I have been working at Nazareth Care Wynnum for over ten years. The management, Sisters and employees are supportive and caring and a fantastic team to work with

Shelley Archbold – Administration Manager

“Everyone is so friendly, it’s great to live here. I feel at home”


“I’ve been working happily in the Catering Department at Nazareth Care Wynnum since August 1998. From the time one first enters Nazareth House the feeling is special, that feeling never wears off, if anything, it gets better.  I’ve seen many changes which have all made it a better place.  It’s a very happy, caring, safe place to work”

Christine Lunt – Employee

the Team at Nazareth