“Our pledge is to improve all residents quality of life through accountability, compassion and good leadership ensuring residents remain independent for as long as possible and live their lives to the full potential”

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John’s family wish to publicly express their deep gratitude to the Sisters and all staff of Nazareth House Camberwell.

John arrived in St Michel’s at Nazareth in January 2015 and instantly knew he was in a place where he was exceptionally well cared for, as was his wife Barbara during her few months as a resident.  John and his family witnessed the way the values of Nazareth Care, Love, Compassion, Patience, Respect, Justice and Hospitality were embraced by all staff and underpinned every aspect of his care.  John formed a deep sense of connectedness to those looking after him, and would repeatedly say how he couldn’t be in a better place.  He felt safe and could express any concerns knowing he would be listened to and respected.  This was truly home to him.

We are deeply thankful. 

Resident Representative


“Wonderful care of every resident.  Respect, love, friendliness; warm welcoming staff. Cleanliness, involvement/activities offered always with a smile and genuine pleasure of the staff/carers.  Grateful to  other residents showing care, concern and love of each other.  So much to be thankful for.

Creina Day – Resident’s Daughter


I went to stay at Nazareth Care,

“Home away from home”, a place so fair.

All the staff had smiles on their dials.

And hearts of gold, no place for cold.

They gave us all a loving welcome.

And nurtured us all as once did our dear mum.

The rooms were cosy, the heating was warm,

Because is it Winter, so this is the norm.

The meals were all tasty, our tummies to fill,

To keep us all healthy, so we don’t get the chill

They thought of our welfare and gave us a prayer,

Longing, the Lord’s love, to pour out and share

“Whenever you did it to the least of my brethren

You did it to me”

Many thanks to all


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