Nazareth School LogoOur program at Nazareth is committed to improving student performance and understanding of health concepts while fostering empowerment and self-confidence. Children and teens have a great opportunity to maximize their physical skills when exposed to developing these capacities during their years of peak development.

My philosophy encompasses keeping the children engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation and lifelong love of health, fitness, and sport.

Students will be instructed through safe and effective functional fitness exercises, as well as nutritional guidelines that will help improve their overall fitness levels, health and well-being.

Functional fitness involves exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play: pulling, pushing, running, throwing, climbing, lifting and jumping. When fitness is defined as broad, inclusive and general, it means that your children will become well-rounded athletes who will be better at any and every sport that they play.

My promise to each student is that they will be challenged just enough to deliver measurable results and personal athletic progress.

My class will increase your child’s physical competence in 10 fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

Your child will participate in a 40-minute Physical Education class two days each week. He or she will also participate in a Nutrition class once per quarter.

The units covered throughout the year include: Functional Movement and Movement Mechanics, Cooperative Games and Frisbee, Aerobic Games and Soccer, Jump Rope and Gymnastics, Softball, Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, Team Handball, Volleyball, and Racquet Sports.

All of the units are scaled for the appropriate grade and skill level, and each student’s individual progress will be tracked through “Personal Best” testing days and goal-setting/meeting.

Physical education is important for everyone, and it is my job to teach your children the skills necessary for them to enjoy physical fitness and exercise throughout their lives.

All of the students are encouraged to be physically active in a safe, controlled way. It is also important to me to treat your student with respect, patience, and kindness, and I will expect to be treated with those same qualities in return. I look forward to being a significant person in your child’s life, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


  • Nazareth Mileage Club: Mondays at 7:35 am, Wednesdays at 2:45 pm, and Thursdays at 7:35 am @ the Upper Field.
  • Turkey Trot
  • Track Meet
  • Field Day

If you would like to attend or volunteer at any of these events, please let me know!

Mr. Eric Knight

Mr. Douglas Fairchild