Nazareth School LogoThe students in elementary school learn common expressions and vocabulary once a week to expose them to the language and culture. The classroom activities that students engage in also help to build this foundation. It’s through music, art, fun skits, and creative writing assignments that students build their skills in Spanish. Students want to carry their learning experience from the classroom to the real world right away!

Nazareth School Spanish students in junior high learn introductory conversational Spanish. Students have the opportunity to practice their speaking, writing, and reading skills twice a week to help prepare them for high school level. Formal grammar concepts are taught using a textbook and students have assignments and projects they complete throughout the year. The students are encouraged to discover their abilities in learning a foreign language while gaining confidence in the experience.

¡Esperamos verte en la clase de español pronto!

Hope to see you in Spanish class soon!

Mrs Mayra Mendez-Quintana