In 2011 Marilee’s 100 year old neighbor moved into Nazareth House of San Rafael.  As she spent time visiting, she grew fond of the residents and interested in sharing her talents and knowledge with them. A resident painting class and an art history lecture series were born. Marilee can teach a novice to paint a beautiful watercolor or encourage an artist to continue developing skills into her twilight years.  Marilee has enriched the lives of many here at Nazareth House.

Watercolor painting came to Marilee later in life. She taught social studies, art history and basic design at the high school level for 32 years, never pursuing her personal interests until retirement in 2001. After several years of watercolor classes with Marty Meade at College of Marin, she began to study with a group of eight talented women under the guidance of Cara Brown, a well-recognized watercolor artist in the Bay Area. They are known as the 537 Magnolia Avenue Artists, and have had several group shows at the Marin Civic Center, the Marin County Fair, and the with the Marin Watercolor Society.

You can see Marilee’s website at and on this blog post.  Our residents’ work can be found framed and gracing the walls at Nazareth House of San Rafael.  Thank you Marilee!