Today we publish a review of safeguarding in the Sisters of Nazareth, Irish region, undertaken by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCCI).

We again apologise to anyone who has suffered abuse whether psychological, physical, and sexual or neglect on any occasion when the sisters’ standard of care fell below what was expected of them. It was always the desire of the order to provide a safe place for children and when we failed on any occasion, we want to express our deepest regret. We have noted the recommendations made in the report. We are heartened that our commitment to engage fully with the NBSCCCI was acknowledged.  Although, we are no longer involved in the ministry of children, we urge all professionals in this field of work to continually scrutinise and challenge their current processes in the pursuit of better and safer practice. This will ensure not only the protection of children but also the rights of those victims who come forward. We are grateful to the specialised members of the National Office and the National Board of Safe Guarding Children in the Catholic Church for conducting this review, for their guidance and recommendations, which will be acted on immediately.

The Church’s free confidential helpline and counselling service, Towards Healing, is available from Freephone 1800303416 (Republic of Ireland) or 0800 096 3315 (Northern Ireland).

Please click here to read the Review of Safeguarding Practice, Sisters of Nazareth Ireland