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The life of Sisters

As Catholic religious women, our first desire is to seek God, becoming one with him, taking on his mind and his way of life.

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The Journey of Discernment

The Vocation Director will support and guide you through this initial stage of discernment, inviting you to meet the Sisters when you believe the time is right.

  • Pre-novice


    This is when you enter the Congregation and are gradually introduced to the prayer life.

  • Novice

    Novice Sister

    The novitiate is a two year period; the first year is known as the Spiritual or Canonical year

  • Sister

    You enter a new relationship with the Congregation and assume the rights and responsibilities of a vowed life

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    Mission San Rafael Archangel

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    A Moment for Reflection

    Words of reflection from St. John's Gospel

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    Mission Alive and Active In Southend

    A weekend of information and blessing by the sea!

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