Nazareth House Birkenhead, owned by the Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth is operated on their behalf by Nazareth Care Charitable Trust (NCCT) and prides itself on its’ relaxed, professional and person-centred approach to care.

Sherrel Sacker – General Manager

The Team is led by Sherrel, General Manager, and is supported by the Sister Superior and together ensure the smooth running of the Home providing the best environment, psychically spiritually and emotionally for the Residents and Staff.

Sherrel is responsible for the day to day running of the Home, while the Sister Superior acts in a Governance role and are supported by the Regional Team who are available for help and advice.

Simona Coman – Deputy Manager 

Reports to Sherrel and is also responsible for the Home, assisting Sherrel daily to ensure the Home functions as smoothly as possible.

Jeevan Sreekumar – Business Support Assistant 

Administers all clerical information and financial data ensuring it is processed in a timely so that everything is up to date.

Andrew Heaton – Catering Manager

Has implemented a pro-active approach to the homes catering and has led his Team to achieve a varied healthy and changing Menu incorporating feedback from the residents. Andrew is regularly seen out in the dining rooms receiving feedback from residents on ways to improve the service the Home provides.

Dawn Stenhouse – Activities Coordinator

Promotes the residents’ independence through multifarious choice, with humour and fun and apart from poetry, skittles pottery to music to painting bingo, films and pub quizzes, Dawn also arranges visits from the local community such as entertainers, musicians pet therapy and mobility sessions.

The Therapist provides relaxation and massage therapy to our residents and the Hairdresser, greatly valued by the Residents, is available weekly.

William Myers – Maintenance Manager

Ensures all equipment is maintained and in working order and that all aspects of Health and Safety are met and adhered to, carrying out day to day repairs in and around the home so that a safe environment is provided for all who use the service at all times. William makes certain that all rooms are kept to a high standard, tending to residents maintenance needs and requests promptly.

Angie Harper – Gardener

The gardens are looked after by our Gardner, Angie, and the grounds are enjoyed by all the residents and staff.  Angie ensures that the flower beds bulbs plants and shrubs are continuously nurtured and seedlings planted when due and has dedicated a lot of time and effort in designing our new grounds which look amazing.

Care Assistants

Our Care Assistants attend to the personal needs of the Residents on a daily basis and they are also Key Workers to the Residents which means that they act as a link between the resident, their families and friends.

Senior Care Assistants lead and support our care staff  team to deliver person centred care to the residents. They liaise with other healthcare professionals to ensure that the wellbeing and medical needs of the residents are addressed.

Nursing Staff

We have a dedicated team of motivated, highly trained and experienced nursing staff  who do all in their power to ensure that the Residents receive the best possible care and attention.

The Housekeeping Team work constantly to provide a clean and odour free environment.

A special mention for the “Champions” within the home and these are:

Jenny (Senior Carer Days) – is our End of Life Champion for the residential floor and is busy supporting me and Joanne in looking at our local End Of Life policy.  Currently working towards re-accreditation of the “6 steps programme”.

Benedictor ( Clinical Lead) – Benedictor is our Tissue Viability nurse Champion and is a great asset to the home in this respect.

Sarah (Care Assistant and stand in Senior Care) – Sarah supports the team with ensuring that Care Plans are person centred.

Bill and Phil are our Health and safety Champions.

Narne and Helen are our Infection control champions.

Tracy and Nicky are our Oral health champions.

Simona and jenny K are our dignity champions

Joan O and Sarah are our falls champions.

Joanne is our End of life and dementia champion.

Pastoral Care

Nazareth House plays an important role in the care of the Residents, seeking to provide quality holistic care to the Resident and give support to families and staff.  The Pastoral Team consists of the Chaplain Father Ray Burke and Pastoral Care Sisters and the Anglican Minister, Sandra Langerhuisen, who visit monthly and as requested.  Daily Mass, local community Mass and other special Masses are celebrated in our Chapel throughout the year.

If you would like to visit Nazareth House Birkenhead, do contact us to arrange your visit and meet the staff.