Patrick O’Grady – Interim General Manager

Amani Pausker & Vanilla DaCosta – Reception

Visitors often comment on the warm greeting received from our receptionists Amani and Vanilla and we are often told on how friendly and welcoming our Home is.

Janette Maycock – Activities Co-ordinator

Janette provides varied activities within the Home which helps stimulate and keep the residents entertained.  She constantly adapts and personalises the activity programme to meet the needs of the residents.  External activities are also provided, such as visits to the sea side, Christmas lights, shopping centres and wild life parks.  Janette also arranges visits from the community such as entertainers magicians musicians theatrical groups and mobility sessions.

Max Di Triglia – Catering Manager

Max, our Catering Manager, has a vast experience of working within various care homes throughout London.  His team consist of 4 catering assistants and one Chef.  Our kitchen has received 5 stars from the local environmental health inspectors and we are also proud of the good reputation gained for providing a varied choice of food to meet the cultural and dietary requirements of all those who live in our Home.

Our Chef Maria is well known for her delicious cakes served during afternoon tea to our residents and visitors.

Rossel Rosita & Eric Liguaton – Maintenance 

Rossel and Eric our maintenance operatives ensure all equipment is in working order and that all aspects of Health and Safety are adhered to, which provides a safe environment for people who use the service.  They also carry out day to day repairs around the home to enable residents to feel safe and that even the smaller things, such as changing a light bulb, is dealt with in a timely manner.


The housekeeping team works constantly in maintaining a clean and odour free environment. Visitors always comment on the ambience of the Home, quoting “it looks like a hotel” and are delighted to know that all our rooms are en-suite with wet rooms.

Senior Care Assistants

Our Senior Care Assistants lead and support our care staff team to deliver person centred care to the residents. They liaise with other healthcare professionals to ensure that the wellbeing and medical needs of the residents are addressed.  They work together with residents, families, friends and advocates in creating, reviewing and developing individual care plans.

Care Assistants

Our Care Assistants attend to the personal care needs of the residents on a daily basis. They are also key workers to the residents which means they act as a link between the residents, their families and friends. Care staff build an even greater rapport with the residents and are the main point of contact for any queries, or personal requests such as shopping, escorting to hospital appointments and ensuring that their rooms are kept tidy.