After a lifetime of work some residents cannot be bothered with maintaining a household with its myriad tasks or to depend on their family for care.

They wish to be free to pursue other interests. Other residents come to us when they have exhausted the possibility of living independently in their own homes.

There are no right or wrong decisions. There is only the challenge of understanding the alternatives and one’s own best interests.

To inquire about entering Nazareth House please call our Director of Sales and Admissions,  Amber Zendejas at 619-563-0480.   Our Director will listen to your needs and identify the resources available to you.

If you decide that Nazareth House is the correct choice for you she will guide you, your family and your physician through the admission process.

In addition, our Admissions Coordinator Elizabeth Davis, will follow up with you to ensure that your needs are being met and to help you adjust to your new home.

Don’t worry, you cannot make a mistake. If you decide, for any reason, that Nazareth House is not for you, you can leave at any time. Our only interest is in your happiness and well-being.