• Pastoral Care

The personal, spiritual and social wellbeing of those in our House is nurtured through the care, support and friendship offered by the Sisters of Nazareth, Chaplains, Ministers and other Pastoral Carers.

Notice boards are utilised to list the times of daily Mass and other religious services.    The care recipients families and/or representatives are welcome to join the resident.

Pastoral care is interdenominational, and respects the beliefs and perspectives of all residents. Bereavement support is provided when dealing with the loss of a loved one is always a difficult time. The Sisters of Nazareth provide sensitive support and assistance to residents, families, and residents representatives.

All faiths and denominations are welcome at Nazareth House.  The faith and religious practices of all residents are respected.  Religious Ministers are contacted at the request of the resident and/or their representative/s.  Other religious services are offered on a regular basis.  Notification of these services will be made available to residents.

  • Nursing and Personal Care

The care we provide is individualised personal care that is evidence based and professional. All residents have an initial and on-going assessment of their clinical needs by qualified employees to ensure they are provided with individualised support and care. Nazareth House employs registered nurses to ensure and facilitate high quality care. Resident and family participation is important and demonstrated in a number of ways including family conferences, collaborative care planning, feedback and resident meetings.

  • Daily Mass

The House has a beautiful on site chapel. The chapel is available to residents, family and visitors, regardless of faith or background. Mass is conducted daily and there are also services of other denominations.