In this room the childcare that is provided is for babies from three to twenty four months old. Our ratio is three children to one staff member and we are registered to care for fifteen children per session. They have their own indoor and outdoor play area with carefully selected resources/equipment which stimulates their development according to their range. In this large, friendly room there is a quiet/sleep/sensory area for times of rest,which is also available to any breast feeding mother should they wish to use it. This area features low lighting and soothing music to help them to relax.

Babies have their own bathroom facilities for nappy changing as well as potties for those who may be training. This gives all the babies an overall awareness of what potties are used for.

There is “free-flow” access to their own soft surface play area which features various climbing equipment and an easy accessible shed which is stored full of bikes, scooters and other equipment to strengthen their physical development and create varied play.