Here at Nazareth House Lancaster we have dedicated activities co-coordinator who plans variety of both in-house activities and outings to local places of interest. Activities are planned for both smaller and larger groups as well as one to one based activities.

Some of our weekly activities include:

  • Poetry club -Wednesday Evening
  • Bible studies – Monday Afternoon
  • Exercise class
  • Sing along – Wednesday Afternoon
  • Arts and Craft – Thursday Morning

Other activities include: Group crosswords, skittles, beetle drive, dominoes, cards,hand massage, nail care, film shows and word games.

Our friends of Nazareth dedicate their time to support activities both on a one to one and in group settings.

The Home has a dedicated Activities Person who co-ordinates a wide range of social, recreational and therapeutic activities both inside the Home and within the community. We are fortunate at Nazareth House Lancaster that we also have within our grounds Nazareth House Day Nursery. We have throughout the year opportunities for our resident’s and children to get together to share themed activities. Our Friends of Nazareth group also support the Home and its residents in many of its activities.