General Manager – Patrick O’Grady

I began working in health at the age of 17 and on the 2nd of August I will celebrate 37 years of Nursing, Supporting and Caring for individuals with varying conditions and illnesses. My passion for caring has not diminished over the years, I have seen and been involved in many changes in the way we care and I will continue to strive to carry on making changes which will only enhance the quality of the care we offer and therefore enhance the quality of life for the people who use our services.

The house here in Lancaster has a wonderful reputation within our wider community and that is largely due to the efforts and dedication of the people, religious sisters and the wonderful staff who work alongside me.

Catering Team

We received 5 stars from local environmental health inspectors, our catering team are dedicated to producing well balanced nutritional home style cooking, the soups that are produced are renowned near and far.

We are currently going through a transformation, we are completely refurbishing our kitchen, servery and dining room, these are exciting times for all. We are unfortunately saying goodbye to our chef but he leaves the kitchen in the more than capable hands of Dawn. Dawn will be supported by a cook and 4 catering assistants, all of whom are studying for further accreditation in hospitality services. Dawn, Anne and the team between them can cater for all your nutritional needs.

Housekeeping Team

Liz is our head housekeeper; we have good reputation for cleanliness and hygiene, visitors to our home always comment on the welcoming smell to the home!

The Direct Care Team

Always rated “good” by CQC, and everyone who comes to the home comments on how welcome they feel.

Elizabeth our Head of Care has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgeable. She also works 18 hours as nurse on the nursing unit.

Maintenance Operative

Geoff has a wealth of experience, he has been with the home for 38 years. He is a valued member of the team and in our wider family here at Nazareth House. He has the most wonderful way about him, he is so well respected by local business, by service users, staff visitors and especially by families who have always spoken so highly of his abilities to turn his hand to anything.

Activities Team

Emma does a great job bringing in the entertainment; she is well supported by the Friends of Nazareth. We are currently mid way through appointing a second activities person and once this person is in post and up to speed they will be busy supporting service users with increased activities and will be active in establishing wider links within the local community.


Special mention for the “Champions” within the home and these are:

Natalie (Senior Receptionist), Natalie is well experienced in everything that happens within the home, she has worked here as a carer, activities coordinator and now as administrator, she is tireless in her passion and her drive to make the house the home that we would all want to live in.

Jackie (Care Assistant), is our end of life champion, having just completed a 12 month partnership with the University of Lancaster in End of Life Care.

Joshua who is our Health and Safety Champion and Jackie with her wealth of knowledge and experience is our Dementia Champion.

Natalie will soon be taking over the role of training Champion; she supports me in implementing our E-learning programme for all staff within the home. Natalie is a force to be reckoned with and a huge asset to our home.

All the staff who work hard here at Nazareth house are champions in their own right, each and every one of them strive to enhance the quality of our service on a daily and nightly basis and without them and their commitment and passion Nazareth House would not be the warm, friendly, caring and loving home that it is today.