• Laundry

We have a laundry service on site that attends to residents personal clothing.  It is recommended that all clothing and personal items be labelled with the residents names.  Labels are available for purchase through Reception.

  • Catering

All meals are cooked fresh on site in our Catering Department. Residents are offered variety and choice within seasonal menus and are consulted regarding inclusions in menus. Recipes from residents are integrated into the menu. Textured modified requirements for residents are catered to following consultation with Dieticians and Speech Therapist.

We offer a six week rotating menu which is changed twice a year (summer and winter). Our menu is varied and we endeavour to please individual tastes and cater to all dietary needs.

Meals are served to the resident in the dining room. Tray service is provided to the resident in their room if they are unwell.

Approximate meal commencement times are as follows:

Breakfast  –  8.00am

Morning Tea  –  10.00 -10.30am

Lunch  –  12.00 noon

Afternoon Tea  –  2.00 pm

Dinner  –  5.00 pm

Supper  –  7.00 pm

Family and visitors may arrange to dine with a resident and this meal can be organised through Reception during business hours at a reasonable cost.

Tea and coffee facilities are available for residents and their visitors.

Between meal snacks (sandwiches, biscuits or fruit) are available on request if a care recipient requires a snack between meals and overnight.

  • Resident House Keeping

Each Nazareth House has specialised cleaning services that incorporate efficient and environmentally friendly waste management. Our dedicated cleaning team maintain cleaning programs to ensure that House presentation is always of a high standard and enhances resident lives.