The residents decided on the menu and came up with two very different ones. We decided to go with the blue theme and the residents set about making the table centre and also the personalised napkin rings. Ian Sturrock one of our oldest residents wanted to be the head waiting for the evening. Myself and another carer

Sharon Watt became the other two waiters. The guests were made up to two people from the Dalkeith rotary club, two staff members, two residents, two relative, (who unfortunately couldn’t make it at the last minute due to illness) Sister Teresa & Sister Marissa kindly stepped in. Alex Ross, a volunteer at the house and Also Sister Catherine.

As well as making the table centre and the napkin rings, two of our residents made ginger biscuits which were to go with menu one.

The table was set and the guests were welcomed into the reception room with a glass of champagne and strawberries. They were then taken through to the Sister’s parlour for the meal. They enjoyed a three course meal followed by a continental cheese board, tea, coffee & mints. We asked the guests to fill in a questionnaire and the outcome was very positive with everyone rating the fine dining experience with a ten out of ten!