Presenter Sister Antoinette Farrell

Who we are?

We are an International Apostolic Congregation of women, within the Catholic Church founded in 1854 by Victoire Larmenier.

As a young Sister from Rennes France, Victoire was missioned to England and six years later having overcome many barriers founded the first Nazareth House in Hammersmith London.

Victoire and her companions strove passionately to answer the needs of their time in spite of major obstacles. Inspired by their Christian faith they put their meagre resources in the service of the poor and suffering, young and old, welcoming them into their humble Home to care for them. Since then, the Congregation has expanded throughout the world, and now has a presence in five regions. The Sisters follow the Rule of St. Augustine placing importance on prayer and community living.


In our Mission and Vision, we hold the legacy of our Founding Charism and follow the inspirations of Victoire Larmenier, in desiring to be instruments of God’s love and compassion for all people. Our care of the elderly is well known. The Sisters also reach out in many other ministries such as Hospitals, Prisons, Chaplaincy, Evangelization, Pastoral Care, Education, various Therapies, Prayer Guidance, and Parish ministry.


The word vocation comes from the Latin word “vocare” which means to call.  Through our baptism as Christians, we are all called to be followers of Christ and to live the Christian Values that are found in the Gospels in our daily lives. Some people feel called to live their baptismal call in a more radical way in religious life. The Call to religious life is often subtle and comes through the ordinary circumstances of our lives. The “still, small voice” is sometimes difficult to hear and is easily drowned out by the noises of society.  “I have called you by name and you are mine” (Jer. 1:1-4).

To what is God calling you

Becoming a Sister of Nazareth.

The call to be a Sister of Nazareth involves exploring a journey through different stages of discernment to afford the person interested and the Congregation the opportunity to discern the way forward.  After the initial enquiry those interested are invited to meet with the Vocation Director who will warmly welcome and support them. Ongoing confidential communication is maintained to accompany the person during this period.

When the person feels the time is right, she will proceed to the next stage Pre-Novice.   This period can be six months to two years. During this time, she is gradually introduced to the prayer life of the community, daily living and the various ministries of the Congregation.

If the aspirant feels this is the life to which God is calling her, she then enters the Novitiate. This is a two-year period, accompanied by the Novice Director, with the opportunity to deepen her relationship with God through prayer and study. On completing the Novitiate period, she commits to a new relationship with the Congregation through Religious Profession assuming the rights and responsibilities of a vowed life for five years.  This may be extended for up to nine years. It is a time for growth and further discernment towards perpetual profession. After perpetual profession ongoing formation is available for Sisters to deepen their consecration to God and support them in their calling to serve Christ and His people as Sisters of Nazareth.

Sayings of Victoire

“Do all in his presence. Keep your eyes on him”

“We must leave all to our Blessed Lord who has always taken so great a care of us”

If you are interested in joining the Sisters of Nazareth, please do not hesitate to contact us.