Walsingham is a wonderfully spiritual site, homing religious shrines of Mother Mary, medieval monastic ruin sites, and a pilgrimage centre. Not only spiritual but educational too!

We began our special pilgrimage to the Holy Shine in the early morning, bright and eager to go!

Historical visits to sites were taken and talks from local historians were given – the knowledge we received was incredible. Our first Mass was held in the crypt within the Abbey ground, it was an uplifting, spiritual experience!

We arrived at the catholic shrine for evening prayer and Benediction. We also had the privilege of venerating a relic of Saint John Paul.

We continued our walk of the Holy Mile through a scenic route, continuing reciting the Dolour Rosary.

At the church of Stations of the Cross, Father John concelebrated at the afternoon Mass. The evening followed with further prayer, finishing with Benediction.

As each day progressed, we were fulfilling our mission, to celebrate the year of consecrated life – we were women of joy and happiness!

As the pilgrimage drew to a close, we visited the Holy House of Nazareth. We said a fond farewell by singing the hymn – Our Lady of Walsingham.

We will cherish this experience.