With the need for extra protection to prevent Covid-19 from entering our home, celebrating milestones with social distancing is a must.

Of course, we are staying in our rooms a lot more engaging in individual activities like reading, word search, puzzles, and crafts.  Walking in our beautiful gardens or sitting on the park benches, with face masks, is also a favorite with face masks, is a favorite.

However, special celebrations are not forgotten!  We manage to send a card, say a special hello, or leave messages for the individual celebrating.


Some of our celebrations included:

  • Birthdays
  • 74 years of service in religious life
  • 52 years of service as an Archdiocesan priest
  • Mother’s Day
  • May crowning and Memorial Day Prayers – Walk-by style
  • Memorial Day cookout – with cooks only in attendance! The BBQ and picnic foods were delivered to our rooms.  Yum!


Photo collage of May Celebrations



Photo Collage of May Special Events