In accordance with Government’s Gender Pay Gap Legislation, it is required for employers of 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculation outlining the pay gap between male and female employees.  This statement outlines the relevant information  collected on 5th April 2022.

Organisational Context

Nazareth Care Charitable Trust is a charity responsible for operating 12 care homes, 2 retirement villages and a day nursery which are operated across England, Scotland and Wales. On both full and part time contracts, 803 staff are employed by the charity.

Mean and Median pay and bonus information Overview

The mean pay gap is the difference between average hourly pay of men and women. The median pay gap is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of hourly pay of men and women. It takes all earnings in the sample, lines them up in order from lowest to highest and the median is the mid-point.

Mean Gender Pay Gap


Median Gender Pay Gap


Mean Bonus Pay Gap


Median Bonus Pay Gap




Males in Quartile


Females in Quartile

Lower Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Upper Quartile



In line with industry trends, the majority of the workforce are females throughout all of the four quartiles. However, there are higher levels of males in the upper quartile compared to those in the lower quartiles.  The greater proportion of male workers to female workers at middle management and senior level positions creates a gender pay gap.

Supporting Statement

Nazareth Care Charitable Trust aims to continue the progression in reducing the gap and further continues to be a fair and progressive employer and is committed to tackling inequality and diversity. Our roles are recruited into by merit not by gender, with reviews of vacancy advertisements to ensure they are presented in a gender-neutral way.

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and we continue to monitor that remuneration rates are competitive and are in line with market practices with rates being paid according to role and not by gender.

The organisation strives to build on the commitment to reducing the gap by encouraging personal development. An investment in resources has been put in place to provide organisation wide support for succession development, this is to ensure that all are aware of how to develop skills and opportunities available to them.

It is key that the organisation promotes flexible working for male and female workers in line with the flexible working policy and continues to educate line managers with the knowledge of implementing flexible working successfully.

Our gender pay gap figures have been calculated in line with the regulations set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation. I can confirm that these figures have been verified and are accurate.

Angela Dempsey

Chief Executive Officer