The CYCC saw a complete upgrade of the children’s unit adding value for all the children who call this loving space home. In a near state of despair, the CYCC has been restored and further renovated to address the children’s specific needs.

In the Main House, our Frail Care Centre was fully upgraded to the delight of all our residents and staff. While funding for the aged is often a challenge, it is a blessing to afford our residents, many of whom have limited funds, with such an inviting facility and specialised equipment.

One particular donor who has committed to serving this mission is Mr. Manfred Freissle. For more than 40 years, Mr Freissle has supported the Sisters of Nazareth financially and the project to rejuvenate the Child & Youth Care Centre and the Elderly Frail Care Centre was funded in full and made possible by his donations.

A day of celebration of the Refurbishment was held once works were complete, hosting a number of key role players in the renovation including donors, media, staff and the Sisters of Nazareth.

Below, images 1 and 2 are the CYCC prior to the refurbishment, while 2 and 3 show the CYCC after the refurbishment. 5 is during the works to the FCC, while 6 and 7 show completed rooms in the FCC. Image 8 was taken when the building was being blessed.