On Wednesday 19th June 19 we had a visit from our local PCSO David Owen who very kindly brought with him two of his Police colleagues Police Officers James Evans & Alex Baxter who arrived in a police car.

They all gave a talk to the preschool children about road safety, what to do if they were separated from their Mummy’s & Daddy’s when they are in town, and how they should also be good for them. They also explained to the children about the equipment they wear and what they are used for, letting the children try on some of their equipment.

After talking with the children inside everyone went outside to see the Police Car, taking in turns sitting inside the car for those who wanted to, whilst others looked at PCSO David’s Police bicycle. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from the Police Officers and waved goodbye to them in Car Park.

We would like to thank PCSO David Owen and Police Officers James Evans & Alex Baxter for taking the time to come and speak with the children.