1. Organise / Arrange an Aged Care Assessment

An aged care needs assessment is required to assess the care needs of an individual and helps them access the most appropriate types of care, including approval for subsidised care services.

An aged care assessment:

  • Confirms eligibility for entry into Government subsidised Aged Care
  • Allows you to be assessed for the most appropriate type of care

Having a needs assessment does not mean you have to enter a residential aged care home, but not having one may delay the process should you need care.

  1. Organise a financial assessment

When your needs assessment is completed the Assessor will provide you with an Application for Residential Care Subsidy form .  This form is particular to you and includes information from your needs assessment.   It is advisable to complete the form and return it to WINZ as early as practical to avoid any delays.  Once WINZ has processed the form, they will advise you of any costs you may need to contribute to your care.

  1. Arrange a tour of the house and complete Nazareth Care Application forms

A tour is always advised, enabling the resident and their family to view the rooms, activities, meet employees and get an overall feel of the House.  Please contact the House to arrange a time. Upon completion of the tour you will be provided with an enquiry pack including an Expression of Interest Form, House Brochure and MOH pamphlet. These forms can also be downloaded from our website, or our friendly Administration Department at the House can arrange for the forms to be emailed or posted to you.

This form along with the Aged Care Needs Assessment  and Power of Attorney / Guardianship documents should be submitted to the Administration Office so that your application can be finalised.

  1. Room Offered and Accepted /Arrange your Finances

A discussion with our administration/ admissions department will be arranged to discuss the costs / fee’s, finalising of further forms/ paperwork, power of attorney and signing of contracts. The admission date will then be discussed and finalised.

  1. Sign a resident contract agreement/ admission

Upon acceptance of a room, a time will be scheduled for the resident and / or Power of Attorney to sign the Resident Agreement, ensure all documents have been completed and agree an arrival date for the resident.   A Resident Agreement is required to be completed and signed prior to the resident arriving. This agreement is a legal document between the resident and the House and includes details about the services provided, fees being charged and resident’s rights and responsibilities.  A Direct Debit form is also completed at this time as all fees are paid by direct debit.


Expression of Interest Form

NZ Aged Care Fees Summary