• Dental

Dental services can be arranged by our employees or a resident representative/whanau. The resident has the right to the dentist of their choice.

  • Pharmacy

Nazareth Care pharmacy services is provided by Selwyn Village Pharmacy. All medications obtained for a resident belong to that resident, and are not put into general stock.  Pharmacy costs will be invoiced from the pharmacy provider.

Non-Pharmac subsidised medication charges will be passed on to the resident account. The general practitioners endeavour to prescribe generic names where possible.

Residents are able to order preferred toiletries and other pharmacy items on request.

  • Medical Practitioner

We encourage all residents to enrol with the inhouse general practitioner. However if a resident strongly prefers his/her own general practitioner Nazareth Care will pay $60.00 towards the general practitioners visit.

It is the responsibility of the resident or their representative/ whanau to contact the general practitioner of their choice to request provision of ongoing care.  This must be done prior to or on the day of the care recipient joining our community.   This will enable a medication chart to be written and an initial assessment being performed. A list of local general practitioners can be provided to assist with decision making.

Nazareth Care policy is that general practitioners are required to review their resident at least once every three (3) months. General practitioners will be notified by care employees of any substantial change of condition or adverse event involving a resident.

A resident and /or legal representative may request a change of general practitioner. It is up to the resident and/or legal representative to inform the current general practitioner that his/her services are no longer required and to contact and engage the services of the new general practitioner of choice.

Employees are not permitted to recommend general practitioners.

  • Physiotherapy

Pain clinic and general mobility enhancement.

  • Hairdressing

Nazareth House provides a hairdressing salon with a hairdresser. The cost of this is the responsibility of the resident. Ask a care employee if you would like to make an appointment for the hairdresser.  Prices are displayed and available on request.   The hairdresser is available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Shop

There is a shop on the ground floor in the market place that is open for business on Tuesdays to Thursdays from 1 to 3pm. The shop trolley also goes around the rest home door to door on Thursdays morning. The shop is coordinated by the Sisters and volunteers and sells piety, cards, toiletries, gifts, children’s items and sweets.



Additional Services * fees may apply