The Higgins Bequest Trust arose from a gift in the will of the late Mr Shaun Higgins.
Mr Higgins’ wife was a resident of the Holy Family Home in Hastings during the
early nineties. In 1995, The Hospitaller Order of St John of God purchased the Holy
Family Home from the Little Sister of the Poor as part of the celebrations of the 500 th
anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Order, John Cuidad – St John of God.

In 2005, the Order sold the Home to a private concern but retained the Bequest for
which a Constitution as a Trust was developed in keeping both with the wishes of Mr
Higgins to support the needs and well being of the elderly in the Hawkes Bay, and
with the principles of the Order.

Once the fund reached a workable level the Trustees were able to call for applications
from Aged Care community organisations and facilities who could benefit from
funding assistance and the first allocations were made in 2012.

The Hospitaller Order of St John of God has run facilities in New Zealand since the
1950’s, culminating in a Health Service for the Disabled and the Waipuna Young
Persons Social Service in Christchurch as well as the Holy Family Home. In 2007 the
Christchurch services were merged with those of St John of God Health Care, an
Australian provider of a range of health services/institutions. The Bequest has been
under the patronage of the Order and, although few in number, the New Zealand
members of the Order are involved with, and committed to the work of the Higgins



Application Pack 2021-AA Higgins Bequest