“Our Team of Sisters, employees and volunteers ensure that we consistently deliver high standards of holistic care and support to residents”

Meet the Team

General Manager and Sister Superior Partnership
The General Manager, (Tracey Chapman) and Sister Superior (Sister Sesilia Ioane) work together to lead and support the Geraldton team.


The Management Team
Our Management Team comprises of highly experienced employees who are committed to delivering high standards of care to all residents.

Our Team comprises of the following employees:

Jean Graham (Care Services Manager)
Glen Clarkson (Property & Maintenance Manager)
Sari Gregson (Wellbeing & Lifestyle Manager)
Peter Herdman (Support Services Manager)
Nicole Latham (Receptionist/Administrator)
Celeste Douglas (Quality Coordinator)
Anita Sneddon (ACFI Coordinator)


Care and Support Services Team
Our Care and Support Services employees and volunteers ensure the health and wellbeing of all residents at Nazareth House Geraldton.


“It has been a privilege to share in the lives of all the residents past and present.  It is a joy to work in a facility that not only has core values but works by them”

Lisa Manuel – Employee

Living at Nazareth House is like living at my own home

Salvatore Travia – Resident

the Team at Nazareth