The project was to create a pergola with an herb garden where the ladies and gentlemen could go out and sit, out of the wind and in the shade to enjoy the wonderful garden which has been created.
The initial idea was for the pergola to be erected overlooking the garden towards the pond; scented climbing plants would be placed around the pergola so that those individuals who are visually impaired would also have the opportunity of a sensory experience.

Not only did we get scented plants around the pergola, we also got a completely new herb bed directly in front of the pergola; close your eyes and imagine sitting in Gilberts Parlour, a gentle breeze blows and all you can smell is lavender, with hints of mint, lemon balm and rosemary, then you hear the sound of the fountain on the pond; absolutely fantastic!
The ladies and gentlemen, staff, Sisters, friends and visitors to the house were over the moon, it was brilliant, and to see the confidence and pride growing and developing in the group of young people was awe inspiring.

And then…….Gilbert said one day,

“I shall so enjoy sitting out here in the winter watching the birds and enjoying the garden, because even if it is raining I can still come out because I will be in the dry”

This was the sound that reverberated around the group, almost a sense of disappointment, because the pergola did not have a roof. The brilliant and not to be thwarted team of young people did not hang their heads, they put them together and announced that they had to put a roof on the pergola; off they went and raised even more money to buy the materials for the roof and then came back and erected the roof; everyone at Nazareth House shouted fabulous and thank you!

What does this mean for everyone at Nazareth House, it means so much in so many different ways, and residents were outside chatting to the group regardless of the weather, giving everyone a sense of pride and ownership.

The pergola offers a quiet haven for residents to sit have a glass of wine and read a book or just reflect and enjoy a little reminiscing; beautiful memories come back, happy and not so happy.
Recently, a family found comfort and solace sitting in the pergola after receiving some very sad news, again a safe haven amongst the tranquillity of the garden with the different senses gently being brought into focus.

It is difficult to find the words to express how much of an impact the pergola has already made in enhancing the ladies and gentlemen’s lives now and for those residents in the future; it is another strand of maintaining peoples dignity and well-being, providing the opportunity of watching the garden in the different seasons whilst staying dry and warm; we are currently watching the squirrels, fox cubs, monk jack and not forgetting Phillip the pheasant.

We cannot emphasise enough the wonderful team work, commitment, love, compassion and hand of friendship that these very important young people offered to all our residents. Thank you and we wish you all well from the safety and sanctuary of Gilbert’s Parlour.