The old nursing home is in the final stages of refurbishment and most of it will be used as a new convent for the Sisters and as offices for the Regional team who look after all the Nazareth Houses in Ireland.

The chapel is also at the final stages. The stained glass windows from the old church have been re-instated and the gallery has been completed. All that remains is for it be painted, the doors to be installed and the sacristy to be fitted out. Then there will be the final jobs like putting in the altar, lectern and other furniture. The Assembly hall is complete also and just need painting. The shop may be a little later opening up as we intend to get shop-fitters to kit it out. Where the Shop is now will become a Physiotherapy room.

Upstairs the final bedroom for Gahan has yet to be fitted out which will bring that household up to 30 beds. Gahan’s Quiet room and treatment room have also to be finished off. The new laundry is just waiting for the equipment arrive.

New flooring has been ordered for all the entrance area down as far as the Hairdressers and that work will commence on September 7th and take 3 – 4 days. We will have to close off most of this area while the work is being done, so apologies in advance for that inconvenience.