Australasian Board – The Board comprises a majority of Sisters of Nazareth along with Lay Members who have be appointed for their skills, experience and expertise.

Finance Risk and Audit Committee – is responsible for advising the Board on financial reporting practices, accounting policies , compliance, budgets investment management and risk management. This committee also has particular responsibilities in regard to the annual report.

National Leadership Team – comprises the Regional Superior, Chief Executive, Sister Superiors, House General Managers and General Manager Corporate Services. The team is a meaningful and practical demonstration of the partnership between the Sisters of Nazareth and Nazareth Care. The team members are dedicated to upholding the core values and philosophy of Nazareth Care and bring extensive professional experience to rate strategic and cohesive leadership throughout the region.

Regional Support Services – Regional Support Services (RSS) provide corporate and business services to Nazareth Care Houses across Australia and in New Zealand. The main services provided include: payroll, people and organizational development, asset management, accounts payable and receivable financial reporting and taxation, procurement and contract management, information and communication technology, risk management services, marketing and fundraising management.

The consolidation of these services by RSS enables Nazareth Care to gain economies of scale for all Houses, deliver efficiency improvements and cost reductions and help to improve the quality of service.