On receipt of an enquiry, the Director of Nursing will invite the potential resident and their family to visit the nursing home before making a decision to stay.  This will provide an opportunity to meet with other residents.

The potential resident is also given the opportunity to have an appointed member of staff meet with them in their own home to further discuss and plan for the transition into long term care.

Each potential resident will have their needs assessed prior to moving into the nursing home.  All necessary information relating to the potential residents’ health, personal and social care needs is obtained.

When a new resident is admitted to the nursing home, a comprehensive assessment of their health, personal and social care needs will be undertaken by appropriate professionals.

The nursing home provides a ‘Contract of Care’ and produces a Guide for Residents.  Our new resident and their family are informed of all fees payable including charges for activities and services that may have additional costs.

Nursing Homes Support Scheme
The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, also known as the “Fair Deal” scheme is a scheme of financial support for people who need long term residential care services.  Under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, people make a contribution towards the cost of their care and the State pays the balance.

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme is administered by the HSE in line with the legislation (Nursing Homes Support Scheme Act 2009) and within the resources made available for the Scheme. Applicants cannot avail of State funding for a nursing home place prior to receiving approval of their Fair Deal application.

Further information on the applications process, can be found online at the HSE website

Local contact details:
HSE Nursing Homes Support Office,
Markievicz House,
Barrack Street,
Tel: 071 9155193