• Dentist

Dental services can be arranged by our employees or by a resident representative.  The resident has the right to the dentist of their choice.

Nazareth House has an in house dental service available.  Please see an employee to arrange an appointment.

  • Physiotherapy

Nazareth Care has an onsite physiotherapist. All residents are assessed by our physiotherapist on joining our community and at regular intervals.  Physiotherapy is available as per general practitioner’s orders and/or on assessed needs.  Respite residents will be charged for this separately.

  • Medical Practitioner

The resident or their representative must inform Nazareth Care of the name of the general practitioner who will manage your ongoing medical needs.

It is the responsibility of the resident or their representative to contact the general practitioner of their choice to request provision of ongoing care.  This must be done prior to or on the day of the resident joining our community.  This will enable a medication chart to be written and an initial assessment being performed.  A list of local general practitioners can be provided to assist with decision making.

Nazareth Care policy is that general practitioners are required to review their patients at least once every three (3) months.  General practitioners will be notified by care employees of any substantial change of condition or adverse event involving a resident.

You and/or your legal representative may request a change of general practitioner.  It is up to you and/or your legal representative to inform the current medical officer that his/her services are no longer required and to contact and engage the services of the new general practitioner of choice.

 Employees are not permitted to recommend general practitioners.

  • Podiatry

A podiatrist visits Nazareth House regularly.  All care recipients are reviewed on a regular basis.

If a care recipient needs to attend an external appointment a family member is to escort the care recipient.

If a family member cannot escort the care recipient a carer can be booked. This is charged to the care recipient.

  • Pharmacy

Nazareth Care uses an external pharmacy service.  Most medications prescribed are covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme or Department of Veterans Affairs.  All medications obtained for a care recipient belong to that care recipient, and are not put into general stock.  Pharmacy costs will be invoiced from the pharmacy provider.

  • Dietician

The menu is regularly reviewed by a dietician in communication with the Catering Manager to ensure all food is appropriate for care recipients.

  • Audiology
  • Optometry
  • Hairdressing

Nazareth House provides a hairdressing salon with a visiting hairdresser.  The cost of this is the responsibility of the care recipient. Ask the care employees if you would like to make an appointment for the hairdresser.  Prices are available on request.

  • Shop

There is a shop on the ground floor that is open for business on Monday – Saturday.  The shop is coordinated by the Sisters and sells basic toiletry items, biscuits, sweets, drinks, ice creams, snacks and some gift items.  A trolley service is available weekly.


Additional Services * fees may apply



What I love about Nazareth House …

“Its ambiance”  Vivienne Ikin – Resident

“Family atmosphere” Eileen Matthews – Resident

“The care and attention provided by staff” – Gil Muling – Resident