The Sisters of Nazareth are integrally involved in a residents end of life care.

The guiding principle of “no-one dies alone” means that all residents, regardless of proximity or availability of family, will be cared for with love and dignity.

The personal, spiritual and social wellbeing of those in our House is nurtured through the care, support and friendship offered by the Sisters of Nazareth, Chaplains, Ministers and other Pastoral Carers.
Pastoral care is interdenominational, and respects the beliefs and perspectives of all residents. Bereavement support is provided when dealing with the loss of a loved one is always a difficult time. The Sisters of Nazareth provide sensitive support and assistance to residents, families, and residents’ representatives.

Relatives are encouraged to spend as much time as they wish with their loved ones.  Facilities are available on request for light refreshments and rest.