Programs are designed to capture the interest of residents, incorporating social events, activates, and social groups. Nazareth House regularly review the activity program and maintain a mix of social and physical activities based on resident assessed needs and preferences.

Nazareth House is continuing a long and proud tradition of providing a home for resident that matches excellent clinical care with a diverse social and occupational program which offers something of interest for all residents.

  • Happy Hour is eagerly anticipated, as is the regular cooking, knitting, art and craft activities
  • Concerts and excursions are well patronised and residents can also enjoy bowls or potter in the garden
  • The annual footy tipping competition is popular
  • Special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day and major sporting events are celebrated
  • Residents enjoy poetry readings, personalised time with employees, visits from their families and local students and volunteers.

The Wellbeing and Lifestyle team develop social activity programs in consultation with the resident, which are then planned, coordinated and reviewed. These programs are a vital component of creating a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant environment.