Sisters of Nazareth

Vocations Sunday

This day celebrates those who have responded to God's call and those who are considering a religious life.


[I share these words in the hope that we may come to a deeper understanding of the illness of alcoholism. I wrote it to be shared with a group I ministered with after the death of one of the group members. Rose (not her real name) was an alcoholic and a faithful Catholic. She had a devotion to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus and Our Lady. She struggled right to the end with her alcoholism, but never lost faith or her trust in the love of Jesus for her. You may have some familiarity of family who have suffered because of alcoholism, experiencing yourself the suffering caused by the alcoholic and the pain of witnessing the self-destructive behaviour of an alcoholic loved-one. It is a wound, but can become a sacred wound through which the love of God can pour into the heart and mind of the alcoholic, and indeed, into the lives of those around them. Experiences and stories abound of so many who have found a new hope and deeper way of living through an honest confrontation with their alcoholism and their need of the grace of God. We continue to pray for this and to pray for the still suffering alcoholic.]


I love Christmas. The Advent Season leading up to Christmas, Christmas Day, and the feasts flowing from the Christmas Season.