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Dear Families and Friends,

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we have added few new experiences to our lives. Calculating exactly what it means to be six feet apart!  Looking like bandits from an old western movie – some of our masks are really cute!  Eating “carry out” meals made by the kitchen staff!  Roaming the TV channels for Mass, any news that is not about the virus,  watching reruns, and old movies.

We miss your visits and will be glad when things become safer so we can see each other in person!  It is amazing how some of us have learned how to work Facetime, iPhones, iPads, and computers to stay connected with you.  Even though you are missed, thank you for staying away from our home.  We do not want those pesky, little viruses to find us!

None of us residents are sick from the virus – this is a true blessing.  Our amazing staff are working hard to keep themselves safe at their homes so we can be safe in our home.  As said on TV:  “We Are All in This Together!”

Life is not normal for us; but neither is it normal for you!  Social distancing and masks are our new norm.

Of course, we miss some things:
  • Gathering in the chapel for Mass and receiving Holy Communion. All the Easter Services – TV Easter services were not the same!
  • Eating and socializing in the dining room. We miss chatting with the servers; changing what we want to eat, how we want it served, and asking our server for something extra. When this is over, we want to celebrate with a Champagne luncheon in the Dining Room.
  • Breakfast in bed was very nice for the first week; but now, eating in the Dining Room with friends would be much nicer!
  • Visitors
  • Going shopping and bus trips with Tomas!
  • Our big parties and small social gatherings!
  • The beauty shop for haircuts
Fun things we are doing during the “Safer at Home” orders:
  • Chatting on the phone or Facetime!
  • Getting special things on our breakfast trays: Blessed Palms, an Easter basket with a big chocolate egg, and colored Easter eggs
  • Receiving special prayers and blessings
  • The scavenger hunts: looking for artwork on the wall; and plants in the gardens
  • Getting to know the name of other people who live here
  • Walking in the gardens, sitting on the park benches, and watching the squirrels play
  • Relaxing, in my room without a mask!
  • Trying to guess who is behind the mask
  • Enjoying Mother’s Day! Carnations on our breakfast trays, delicious lobster tail for the noon meal, and creative Mother’s Day signs from family members.

Remember, we are a hardy generation that has survived many unusual events in our lifetimes; we will survive this one too.

Collage of Residents waving to families

We love you! Take Care of yourselves! Our heroes are taking care of us!

Please feel free to make an appointment to visit your loved ones.  They would love to see you again!

The Sisters of Nazareth

Blessed are those who give meaning to our lives!

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