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Programming and Activities


At Nazareth House, we offer opportunities to socialize, engage, enjoy, express, and learn each day. Our dedicated Activities Team develops an extensive calendar tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Each day, Nazareth House Activities offer a blend of activities and outings that enrich the body, mind, and spirit.

On a typical day, you will find music activities, light exercise or yoga classes, food and conversation events, games, and current event discussions.

Our activities programming is designed to bring together residents, team members, families, and volunteers—to turn each day into an opportunity to enjoy life with a purpose.

Daily Activites are broadcast throughout the house on TV monitors.  Residents can check the monitors for their favorite activity or event.

Special Programs


Life with Action

Physical activity is key to senior health and well-being. Studies have shown that physical activity in seniors slows the decline of dementia and keeps the body healthy.


Life with Learning

Exercise isn’t just from the neck down—it’s just as important to keep the mind in shape, both for cognitive health and enjoyment. We adapt learning programs to connect with our residents’ abilities and strengths, using long term memory, cueing, and sensory bridging. 


Life with Music

It’s no secret that there’s a strong connection between music and memory. Many of our residents enjoy music-centered activities that not only entertain but stimulate the mind. Some of the resident’s favorite activities include creating their own music with instruments and everyday objects as well as dancing to special performers. 


Life with Reflection

For some, it’s about the comfort and meaning sharing long-held religious beliefs and traditions. For others, it’s about meditation that contribute to overall well-being.

Whatever form spirituality takes for residents, Nazareth House is here to help encourage their practice through Chapel Services or other means pf peaceful expression.

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