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Our Enrichment . . . For Life!  program offers just that.  Whatever your preferences:  you will learn, laugh, socialize, with new friends and simply have fun.

Research shows that learning and keeping our mind active and sharp supports healthy aging.  Stimulating the mind and strengthening the body has enormous benefits at any age.  At Nazareth House Los Angeles we are committed to encouraging our residents to lead balanced lived full of meaning and purpose. Whether you enjoy the one or many dimensions of wellness — physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, or environmental, —  we offer individuals the opportunities to balance your life.



Interested in trying something new for the New Year?
Join our new discussion group.
We all have something in common — the human body.  The process of find out out how the incredible and complex human body works started thousands of years ago — long before there were medical schools and devices that enable medical personnel to look inside the body.

Even today, thanks to new technologies, we are still making huge advances in our understanding of the human body.

Come and join us in a new series that explores our own personal understandings of the human body. The series will be conducted by Sister Gertrude Hennessey, CSN, Ph.D.  Sisters holds advanced degrees in human anatomy and will lead these interactive sessions with our residents.  The series promises to as much fun as it is informative!


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Hollywood Review
  • Calling all film enthusiasts and critics.   Get you own VIP Hollywood pass to the Silver Screen, were Oscar Winning, and some of Hollywood’s greatest films are shown.
Center Stage
  • Secure a front row seat for some talented entertainers in Senior Living.  Enjoy the shows as the Spotlight falls on a variety of entertainers taking Center Stage at Nazareth House.
Lights, Camera, Action!

“All the world’s a stage” (from As You Like It) William Shakespeare

  • Come and join us for some fun and adventure in movie making where you are the star.


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Karaoke Night
  • Grab the mic and show off your talent.  Sing, laugh, and cheer for your friends as they sing their hearts out.   We provide the fun, interactive music; and you bring the talent!
Drum Circles
  • Enjoy some noise and fun by joining our Drum Circle. Rhythm is a universal language know to everyone; so in in a beautify way, am interactive rhythm event puts us all on an equal footing with each other and brings us closer together.
Artist Palette
  • Anyone for silk painting? This ancient Asian art has everything going for it – it’s easy, it’s clean, it’s fun, and you get startlingly beautiful results.  Silk painting has been done for centuries in Asia.  For years and now painting on silk has become very popular in the U.S.A, partly because silk is such an amazing fabric.

Film strip with photo of sand with concentric circles, three rocks balanced on top of each other, rocks labeled mind, body, spirit.

Text graphic: mind & body






Life-long Learning
  • It is never too late to learn something new . . . so don’t miss the interactive and educational program on topics exclusively for residents and community seniors.
Fabulous Fitness
  • Lace up your sneakers, grab a friend and get moving to fit and functional senior exercises.

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  • Testing you luck at the different games of chance with friends is fun, challenging and quite competitive.