NHLA Hospice and Palliative Care


As care needs increase, many residents don’t want to give up the sense of security, familiarity and peace that has become such an important part of their lives at Nazareth House Los Angeles.

Most Residents don’t want to spend their final days in an acute care hospital; nor do they have to. Nazareth House can provide coordinate hospice care services on an as-needed basis.

Nazareth House partners with qualified Hospice Care Services that meet the specific needs of each resident, while simultaneously following our standards of personal care.

We coordinate with our professional caregivers to support, with care and dignity, the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents on hospice.

At Nazareth House we want each resident and family member to experience end-of-life care with calm and dignity; enabling residents to pass the final days of their lives in comfort, surrounded by family, friends, and experienced and caring staff.